BeitRUKH is a multidisciplinary 360 practice specialized in outstanding development and realty for the MENA market (ie Algeria, Morocco, UAE, Tunisia). Initially a support of RUKH society and culture quarterly to develop its boutique hotels and art galleries, the practice has empirically evolved since 2011 to service external clients.

We target one-of-a-kind plots and/or units in prime locations, develop property with top architects and supervise the interior design practice,

attach added values such as educational spaces, concept stores, fine dining

and art galleries. Most importantly, we endorse full procurement and commercialize them ourselves.

What makes us unique is the thorough understanding of the whole MENA cryptic market to reach high standards in construction and real estate back ends. From commodities trading to furniture and sourcing, the path to construction is totally mastered and/or outsourced with exclusive liaisons.

A beitRUKH project is taken care of from procuring  and testing appliances to bidding for a Kamel Mennour artist. BeitRUKH's mission was also to gentrify and foster positive impact in Arab cities through those houses,

the apparatus of which is destined to encourage green cars, urban farming, cross-culture debate security.

The offer ranges from the mundane to the esoteric. It caters to family offices, embassies, hospitality experts, investors for capital growth, and urban planners with financing who set out to foster structuring projects.

RUKH featured numerous partners who went on to grow with our pioneer platform; they include Sophie Petit (Studio Putman), architect Bernard Khoury (DW5 Beirut), KUTCH carpenters (Algeria), Atelier Driba crafts (Tunisia), Bassita (Egypt), GVCC (Morocco), Art Dubaï (UAE), Marlo & Isaure practice (Tunisia), Local Industries architects (Palestine).

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