HOTEL NATIONAL / Al Funduq Al Watani

Algiers, ALGERIA

Landscape : Urban

Label : Green and Brass

Area of gentrification : Hydra, Bir Mourad Rais

Mode of transport : Bicycle / Car

Artists and craftsmen featured : Olafur Eliasson, eLSeeD, YAZE, Marlo&Isaure, Michael Anastassiades, KUTCH

Our latest development was a true challenge.

Turn an existing concrete skeleton in the heart of Algiers into a prime boutique multidisciplinary building. 4 years of construction and paperwork were required to complete HOTEL NATIONAL.

Four storeys that comprise 10 premium apartments equipped with the finest technology (magnetic doors with beitRUKH access cards,, WiFi, Centralized TV and AC) and simultaneously no friction through neutral finishing made by local craftsmen. Doors were designed on the same pattern as The Wayfarer's, ensuite bathrooms connected to bedrooms through windows, and basements turned into open spaces for a lobby, an art gallery and a lounge with a library.

The scale is human yet HOTEL NATIONAL has got cachet and a significant ROI for any investor as well as  prime location in Hydra for luxury rentals.

KUTCH ktichens, glass elevator, outdoor parking and rooftop with a view on Sidi Yahia are a plus.

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