An ensemble of two identical Moroccan palaces, le Chien Rouge is an estate located in the promising suburb of the Ourika Valley in Marrakech.

Developed in 2011 on a 2,3 acre plot, it hosts a total of 20 en-suite bedrooms, 4 kitchen, two swimming pools, a tennis court and two oriental hammam with their private spas.

The true assets of le Chien Rouge are its exquisite and sustainable finishings : stucco, italian marble, gypsum, local timber and outdoor griffé altogether required years of work from the best craftsmen in the region,

Its prime location in an area where famous hotels and restaurants Bo&Zin, Dar Al Ma'mun and La Source and events such as OASIS Festival attracting thousands of millennials will spark the interest of investors and hospitality-driven experts.

Le Chien Rouge

Marrakech, MOROCCO

Landscape : Farm

Label : Clay

Area of gentrification : Ourika Valley

Mode of transport : Horse Riding, quad

Artists and craftsmen featured : Alfons Mucha, Abdelaziz Gorgi, Louis Granata, Mohamed Khadda