Our houses were conceptualized as internal shelters of RUKH spirit and access to a certain standard for investors to pursue : Furniture, art and F&B have been curated using a holistic stance and we wish the houses to remain that way. However, beitRUKH's main ambition remains the outwards positive impact. Target of audience are villages, areas or neighbourhoods in Arab cities with significant potential in terms of location, scale, ecosystem, access and economic index.

Sidi Bou Said, Algiers, the Ourika Valley and the Kasbah are equally passionating, whether in the outskirts or the center of a concentric urban circle, they shall be laboratories for public authorities and private investors to experiment the future.

Some of our projects include

. a gentrification of the port of Sidi Bou Said following the example of Porto Montenegro. through private investment, retail of local craft, generating employment and tourism. Granting access to electrical cars and bicycles only. Encouraging ribs and boats to transport.

. Refurbishing La Perrine in the Hydra neighbourhood of Algiers with high quality buildings, and encourage urban farming on the rooftops.

. Structuring the Ouled Fayet agricultural surburb in Algiers around the National Opera with luxury residential and retail projects while preserving a perimeter for farming.

. Mustering a comittee for an Algerian Pavilion at the Venezia Biennale within 10 years

. Feed a Great Library in each house on the model of Dar Al Ma'Mun at Fellah Hotel

.Franchising each house according to its urban design : Wayfarers for seashores (Montenegro, UAE), HOTEL NATIONAL for buzzing city centers (Casablanca, Tunis, Deira), Le Chien Rouge for ranches and mountain environment (Ifrane, Faraya, Oman), thus perpetuating an endemic identity and design that leaves door open to subsequent activities : farming, skiing, trekking...


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